Johnson County, TN

   Election Commission

glenn james
Lisa mullins
Dylan Nichols
machine technicians:
cheri lipford, administrator of elections

Sherry l. huffman

Johnson County, TN election commission

Election Commission Purpose

mike j. fritts, chairman

Would you like the opportunity to get involved in the election process by performing an invaluable civic duty for which you will be paid? We are always in search of diligent poll officials committed to working during early voting and on Election Day. Contact us at the Johnson County Election Commission for more information on how you may be able to help!

Phone: 423-727-8592

Fax: 423-727-9168

158 Election Ave, P. O. Box 106, Mountain City, TN 37683

Robert sutherland

angie stout

mIchael J. Pleasant
eric taylor

are you willing to work during the next election?

The Johnson County Election Commissions' purpose as designated by Tennessee Code Annotated

(2-1-102), is to regulate the conduct of all elections by the people so that:

  • The freedom and purity of the ballot is secure.
  • Voters are required to vote in the election precincts they reside in except as otherwise expressly permitted.
  • A comprehensive and uniform election procedure is provided through internal improvement, and that maximum participation by all citizens in the electoral process is encouraged.